• Social Media Workshop – Part 1

    Social Media Workshop – Part 1

    In my practice, I work with many adolescents and teens on social communication. These days, that involves a lot of lessons around social media. Recently, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to offer two workshops on social media to a private day school in Toronto. The title of my first workshop was

  • Therapy Tip #3: Defeating An “Unthinkables™ Team”

    Therapy Tip #3: Defeating An “Unthinkables™ Team”

    If you use the Social Thinking™ curriculum by Michelle Garcia Winner then you should know about Superflex™. Superflex is a superhero that teaches children how to defeat their team of Unthinkables™. Unthinkables are the characters that sometimes come into our heads and make us behave in unexpected ways. Some of my favourite Unthinkables are: Rock

  • “My Beautiful Stutter” Documentary

    “My Beautiful Stutter” Documentary

    A large part of my practice is working with preschool and school age children who stutter. When a young child comes to me, their parents are often looking for the stutter to be completely eliminated. Parents often have a lot of worry and anxiety for their child in the future. Will he lose his self confidence?

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