I have been given the opportunity to participate in some podcasts and guest blog posts recently! You can check them out below and let me know if you have any feedback.

Access To Education Podcast

This podcast is hosted field by a mother and ADHD and learning disability expert. On this podcast, you will hear me explaining the many areas of speech-language pathology.

Real Talk SLP Podcast

I was lucky enough to be on the Real Talk SLP Podcast with one of my former co-workers. We talked all about the collaboration between occupational therapy and speech-language pathology. On this podcast, you will hear us talk about the topics of self regulation and social communication.

The Dabbling Speechie Blog

I also wrote a guest post for Felice Clark of The Dabbling Speechie. The post discusses the concept of being a flexible thinker and provides lesson plan ideas for targeting this topic with clients.

Badger State Speechie Blog

I wrote a guest post for Donna Badger of Badger State Speechie on the concept of the ripple effect for perspective taking. This blog discusses a lesson I complete with my clients to help them understand the impact their actions have on others.

Twinkl Social Emotional Needs Tips

I contributed to a blog on the topic of “tips for supporting children with social emotional needs.” Check it out!

Twinkl Friendship Blog

I am featured in Twinkl’s Friendship blog, which aims to give tips towards improving relationship-building across children with SEND. Feel free to look at the other inclusive resources available on their site.