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David & Delilah Discover: It’s More Than What We Say

David & Delilah Discover: It’s More Than What We Say

Join David and his twin sister Delilah as they teach children about tone of voice, facial expression and body language and the importance of these nonverbal communication skills

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Our Voices Show Our Feelings

In this story, readers will learn about tone of voice. With the use of animal representations for pitch, volume and rate, children will understand the importance of matching their voices with what they are saying.

Our Faces Tell A Story

In this story, readers will learn about facial expressions. Children will understand how our mouths, eyes and eyebrows can convey our feelings and the importance of their own and others’ facial expressions.

Our Bodies Speak A Language

In this story, readers will learn about body language. Children will understand the impact of their body language and how the simplest of body movements can convey various emotions.

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Who should read this book


Children ages 3-8 that have difficulties in the area of social communication skills and/or those children who would benefit from extra social communication practice will gain extensive and important knowledge from this book.


Caregivers will enjoy reading this story to their children while they immerse themselves in the lives of David and Delilah.


Teachers and educators working with children in preschool and early elementary school will benefit from using this book when teaching their students social emotional learning skills in small group or whole class settings.

Allied health professionals

Occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, social workers and psychologists can use David & Delilah Discover in their therapy sessions in both one-on-one and group settings.

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Meet the author - Allie Gallinger

Allie Gallinger is a speech-language pathologist practising in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She works with children and adolescents and has a special interest in social communication skills. While conducting her sessions on social communication, she found that there was insufficient material for young children on the topic of nonverbal communication. This inspired her to write David and Delilah Discover, a resource to be used with her clients and shared with other health professionals, teachers, and parents.

Allie graduated from the Communication Sciences and Disorders program at Western University, where she earned a Masters of Clinical Science.

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